Current Construction Projects - Ward 3

Roads and Sidewalks

Major Oaks Road - Delbrook Avenue to Wildwood Crescent

Greenmount Street - 106 m east of Valley Farm Road to Major Oaks Road

Westney Road - Final lift of asphalt - Seventh Concession Road to Eighth Concession Road

Brock Road Sidewalk Reconstruction - Sidewalk reconstruction from Joseph Street to Lane Street, Claremont

Salem Road - Hard surfacing - Fifth Concession Road to Highway 7

Westney Road - Hard Surfacing - Eighth Concession Road to Central Street (Regional Road #5)

Bridges and Culverts

Altona Bridge - Altona Bridge Design/Approvals:  located on the Uxbridge Pickering Townline, east of Sideline 30, over West Duffins Creek.  

Michell Bridge - Michell Bridge Design/Approvals - located on the Seventh Concession Raod, west of Sideline 32, over West Duffins Creek

Parks and Trails

Centennial Park Baseball Diamond Reconstruction - Replacement of baseball diamond backstop and lighting and installation of new outfield fence and warming track.

Centennial Park Picnic Shelter and Amenities - Installation of a picnic shelter, asphalt pathways connecting all the park amenities and tree planting.

Neighbourhood Park, Seaton - Construction of the first neighbourhood park in Seaton, located on Azalea Avenue, in association with DG Group

Usman Green Park Construction - Construction of new village green in the Brockridge Neighbourhoos Park.  Features include children's playground, shade structure, pathways, site furniture and tree planting.

City Development 

Pickering Town Centre - The city is working with OPB Realty, owners of the Pickering Town Centre, to redevelop mall property west of Glenanna Road for a future central library, combined seniors’ and youth centre, a 50-storey residential condo building on top of the seniors’ and youth centre, and an arts centre.

The city’s property, east of Glenanna Road and south of the Esplanade (where a public parking lot is now) is proposed for residential zoning for buildings up to 40 storeys tall.

Lakeridge Health Jerry Coughlan Health & Wellness Center - A new Lakeridge Health medical centre to be built in north Pickering will be named for homebuilder Jerry Coughlan, who made a historic $7-million gift to the Ajax-Pickering Hospital Foundation.


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