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"As City Councillor, I am striving towards collaborating with fellow Council members as well as City staff in order to make informed and fair decisions supported by qualified research, valid arguments and detailed investigation. I convey my values through clear communication with residents and follow through to earn your trust. I deeply care about the City of Pickering and its future as I have called it home for the past 11 years."



Hold the line on Property taxes.  Pickering is a great City to live and play.  We have to keep property taxes affordable.

Continue to identify and implement various cost efficiencies, such as the LED light bulb replacement program.


Expanding on the commercial and industrial tax sectors to reduce dependency and bring relief to residential taxes.


Our City offers a wide range of programs for youth as well as seniors.  These programs enhance the physical and mental health of our residents.  My goal is to make sure these programs are affordable for each family and every individual.

Business Diversity

I'm attracting more businesses to invest in the City resulting in more jobs for our residents and strengthening the property tax base.​

Grow Pickering as a thriving community in order to attract various small businesses and corporations which will augment the number of jobs.


With the addition of better and plentiful jobs in Pickering, residents will work close to their homes, reducing commuting time and allowing them to spend more time with family and the community.


Pickering has multiple vibrant neighbourhhoods throughout the City.  My vision is to expand the use of the current City community programs so they may provide more benefit to all.

Continue to improve the walkability of local business and retail areas, schools, neighbourhoods and parks through the addition of sidewalks and cycling paths.


Promote a safe environment for local schools through the placement of bollards and implement initiatives such as the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan.


Expand the implementation of photo radar technology near schools, parks, and neighbourhoods to prevent speeding and dangerous driving.


A green, healthy and equitable city with economic activity that sustains our environment.​

Bees play a significant role in the ecosystem and are responsible for pollinating many of the crops we consume on a daily basis. However, bee communities have been declining over the past 50 years due to the popularity of pesticides. If we plant pollinating gardens in our parks and greens spaces throughout Pickering, we will be supporting the bee population which will consequently help our local food supply.

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